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When dealing with excessively large material removal rates, high pressure coolant systems, critical tolerances and exotic materials the choice of a superior quality coolant is essential.

Fluid Solutions recognise the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry and are well positioned to supply a complete range of high performance grades including products with full OEM approvals e.g. Rolls Royce, Boeing, Pratt and Whitney etc.


In an industry where reliability and flexibility are critical throughout the supply chain, Fluid Solutions provide a range of high performance, low maintenance metalworking fluids which ensure downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Together with our pro-active Technical Support Engineers, Fluid Solutions work extensively with our customers ensuring maximum productivity in an extremely demanding environment.


Tight tolerances and component surface finish are essential in this important industry, therefore the correct metalworking fluid selection has a significant impact on the manufacturing process.

With a complete range of exceptionally high performance fluids, developed to cope with increasingly demanding materials, Fluid Solutions are a major supplier into this important market sector.

Precision Engineering

Flexibility and cost competitiveness is essential for the modern machine shop. With continued pressure on lead times and cost reductions, Fluid Solutions work continuously on the development of revolutionary technology for this key market.

Offering true multi-metal cutting fluids, which demonstrate very competitive ownership costs, Fluid Solutions are well equipped to meet the demanding environment of the precision engineering market.

Pressing & Forming

The unique challenges in the pressing and forming industry are often overlooked by the lubricants industry.

Revolutionary technology with water-soluble and environmentally friendly neat pressing and forming fluids has ensured that Fluid Solutions remains at the forefront of this industry.

We are all becoming more environmentally aware. At Fluid Solutions we are very proactive in our research & development of greener lubricants.

For more information on environmental issues visit the Environment Agency

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