Metalworking lubricants and cutting fluids

It is the philosophy of Fluid Solutions that products are recommended based on
a 'Best in Class' policy.

This ensures customers have complete confidence that they are receiving superior performance products at highly competitive prices.

  • Environmental
    A revolutionary new range of high quality water soluble metalworking fluids based on renewable source technology.
  • Pressing & Drawing Fluids
    Pressing, drawing, blanking and stamping lubricants specifically designed for each application.
  • Plant Maintenance Lubricants
    Plant maintenance lubrication covering a number of scenarios and applications including hydraulic oils, slideway lubricants, gear oils, compressor oils and greases.
  • Speciality Lubricants
    Fluid Solutions offer an outstanding range of high quality, cost-effective speciality lubricants and chemicals.
  • Metalworking Fluids
    A comprehensive range of water miscible and neat metalworking fluids for metal cutting, grinding, forming, pressing and stamping operations.
  • Fluid Management Equipment
    We supply a wide range of fluid management equipment including mixing and distribution systems, refractometers, dip slides, tramp oil skimmers and coolant recycling equipment.
  • Castrol
    Products formulated to give the best performance and to meet environmental and safety regulations.
  • Freddy Products Ltd
    Providing a wide range of industrial vacuuming products.

It is a legal requirement that your fluids meet HSE standards.

Visit the HSE site for more information.

We are all becoming more environmentally aware. At Fluid Solutions we are very proactive in our research & development of greener lubricants.

For more information on environmental issues visit the Environment Agency

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