Fluid Solutions offer the following services:

Metalworking Fluid Monitoring

Fluid Solutions offer customers pro-active monitoring of the 'in-use' fluids. Reports are electronically sent in a user friendly format showing fluid condition, any required remedial actions, and a full history of the fluid in each individual machine.

Plant Audits

Prior to recommending products a full site survey is carried out, ensuring customers are always utilising ‘best in class’ products at cost effective prices whilst also looking at the benefits of product rationalization.

Environmental Surveys

Fluid Solutions personnel work closely with our customers to offer current best practice in order to reduce any potential impact on the environment.

Waste Management

Through bespoke management practices Fluid Solutions will look to minimize waste generation and, through certified waste carriers, cost effectively remove waste from site.


Fluid Solutions offer 'on site' training specifically tailored to suit the needs of each individual customer. This can range from 'on the job' training for operators and maintenance personnel through to a more formalized programme of technical training for operators and managers.

We are all becoming more environmentally aware. At Fluid Solutions we are very proactive in our research & development of greener lubricants.

For more information on environmental issues visit the Environment Agency

For more information on:

- Metalworking Fluid Monitoring
- Plant Audits
- Environmental Surveys
- Waste Management
- Training

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