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Premium levels of on-site technical support

Our philosophy at Fluid Solutions is to ensure that our customers receive premium levels of on-site technical support from our highly qualified team of engineers. Our professional approach to each individual account will achieve maximum productivity and minimise unnecessary expenditure for our customers.

On Site Fluid Management

Fluid Solutions offer on-site monitoring of our in-use metalworking fluids by highly qualified technical engineers which include:

  • Coolant concentrations
    A majority of coolant related issues stem from incorrect coolant concentrations. Regular monitoring extends sump life and minimises associated coolant related issues.
  • pH levels
    An excellent indicator of the coolant condition. Coolant pH monitoring is an essential component of good fluid management practises.
  • Bacterial activity
    In line with the current HSE guidelines bacterial activity should be monitored closely and remedial action taken in cases of exceptionally high bacteria levels.
  • Tramp oil contamination
    A major contributor to the degradation of coolant condition. By recommending simple and straight forward practises significant improvements can be made to the coolant condition.
  • Appearance and odour checks
    To an experienced engineer appearance and odour can determine much about the coolant condition. Numerous problems can be eliminated by routine physical checks.
  • Electronic coolant reports
    Our unique Electronic Reporting System will ensure that a comprehensive colour coded report is received within 24 hours of a service visit.
  • Laboratory analysis
    Samples may be taken for either routine testing in our fully equipped laboratories or for more in-depth analysis to assist with future Research & Development projects.
  • Technical advice
    On every service call our technical engineers will spend time discussing their findings not only with the machine operators but also with production supervisors and managers. This ensures that any required remedial action is taken swiftly to avoid potential future problems.

We are all becoming more environmentally aware. At Fluid Solutions we are very proactive in our research & development of greener lubricants.

For more information on environmental issues visit the Environment Agency

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