Plant Maintenance
Multi-purpose oils and lubricants

Gear Oils

High specification multi-purpose gear oils used in industrial applications offering a full temperature range. Containing anti-wear and extreme pressure additives to minimize friction and wear.

Slideway Lubricants

High quality, multi-purpose and heavy duty slideway lubricants formulated using latest technology additives in order to eliminate stick-slip and judder on machine tool slideways.

Hydraulic Oils

A family of premium quality hydraulic oils formulated for a full range of applications. Designed for all machine tool hydraulic systems providing anti-wear and corrosion protection whilst ensuring associated problems such as foaming and oxidation are avoided.

Compressor Oils

A full range of synthetic and mineral oil lubricants offering advanced technology for all types of compressors. Fluid Solutions can offer products that surpass the specification of all leading compressor manufacturers.


Premium quality greases from lithium soap based greases for general-purpose applications, through to high temperature, heavy loaded and water-resistant products.

We supply metalworking lubricants and cutting fluids into many sectors including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Precision Engineering
  • Pressing & Forming

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