Pressing & Drawing
Pressing, drawing, blanking and stamping lubricants

Fluid Solutions offer pressing, drawing, blanking and stamping lubricants specifically designed for each application. Fluid Solutions Technical Engineers always take into account post operations such as degreasing/cleaning etc. when making product recommendations

The range of products fall into three main categories:

Evaporating Lubricants

A complete range of high quality vanishing lubricants which, due to their low viscosities, can reduce consumptions by up to 50% over traditional oils.

Evaporative lubricants have the additional benefit of eliminating post-cleaning operations

Mineral Oils

A full range of technically advanced mineral oil based lubricants designed to offer increased performance through excellent levels of boundary lubrication.

Water Based Lubricants

High specification water miscible fluids with sophisticated additive packages capable of offering the performance of traditional mineral oil pressing and forming fluids but with the advantage of reduced cleaning operations and improved working conditions.

We are all becoming more environmentally aware. At Fluid Solutions we are very proactive in our research & development of greener lubricants.

For more information on environmental issues visit the Environment Agency

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